Our company owns a vast amount of machinery thus is able to provide clients with a vast choice of services, depending on specific requirements.

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At Damjan Transport the choice of services is quite vast. We have made it our mission to provide useful services that our clients may need when it comes to transportation of goods, crane services, steel works, as well as others. All jobs are different and we understand that concept fully, therefore we have made sure to equip ourselves with a vast amount of high quality machinery in order for us to be able to adhere to all our client’s requirements.

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Transportation Services

When it comes to transportation for your goods we offer quite a vast selection. We offer transportation of containers, building & construction materials, concrete beams, gas cylinders, groupage, transportation of cooled product with the use of 2 different sized trucks, 5 curtain sided trucks for the transportation of food products around Malta & Gozo. Moreover, we offer courier services for all our clients.

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Side-Loader Service

We also offer the services of a side-loader truck that can unload and load 20, 40 and 45 feet containers. These types of loading trucks make things easier when you are unloading or loading containers and will also make the task less time-consuming. They do the job swiftly even if the container is big and bulky and seems impossible to move. We want to make sure that we can operate well in every situation and that is why we equip ourselves with the best of machinery.

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Lifter Service

Another service that we offer is our lifter service. This service is possible by means of four different sized lifters that vary from 2.5 to 5 tons on weight. With the variety of services that we offer you can be sure that we will be able to accommodate every need, regardless of the type of job presented to us. We are highly experienced and will make sure that nothing gets damaged in the process of transportation and also, ultimately during the lifting part of the service.

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Crane Service

If you need to reach higher ground and you need the help of experts that can deliver a great end result, we are the people to contact. We offer crane services by means of 4 different sized cranes that vary depending on the need of the job. We can provide you with cranes for 3, 20, 28, 50 and also 80 tons. You can also choose to contact us for our high-up service for an excellent and professional service.

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Laying of Concrete Panels

Furthermore, to add to our already bursting list of services that we can provide our clients, we also offer laying of concrete panels. Once they are done to your exact specification we will transport them to the location of your choosing after which they are unloaded with care and professionalism in order for them not to become damaged in any way possible.

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