steel works

At Damjan Transport Services we are fully committed to providing our clients with an affordable yet high quality service. Steel works is yet another skill and service under our belt. We are able to provide you with both the production of the steel works that you need, as well as the transportation. It is always imperative for us to keep within a deadline and provide an end result that is of the highest quality.

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Steel Works

Another service that we offer is that of steel works. We can provide you with bending of steel mesh that is ideal for swimming pools, ditch cisterns, roofs and more. We can provide you with all kinds of stirrups for columns, beams and piles. The sizes of these stirrups include T 10mm and T 12 mm. 

We can provide you with assembled beams and piles and cutting and bending of steel bars. We have different rebar sizes such as T 32 mm, T 25 mm, T 20 mm, T 16 mm, T 12 mm, T 10 mm. We make sure to have all the materials and services available that one will need when they think about steel works.


Transportation of Steel Works

To make sure we offer all our clients a wide, and most importantly, full service, we also offer transportation services for the steel works that we have worked on. We have a vast selection of services in order to make sure that all the materials get to the location and into the premises, safely, on time and without any damage. 

We can offer you high-up services for the loading. All the materials are loaded on our truck by means of two cranes situated in the factory, exactly where the steel works are produced. We make sure to keep to deadlines as we understand the urgency that every client might be concerned about.